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The video below is the first video/audio you should listen to. Commercials have been edited out! 

Unless you are willing to listen to this video, you will not know what happened or where we stand as Americans, today. We implore you, please let Judge Anna help you understand why we are no longer protected by our Constitution of the United States.

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We The People 1787

Judge Anna Riezinger - 02-20-2016 RBN (in Defence of Humanity)

We are well into the planning stages and have the ability to broadcast to .......

A audience of most of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia, covering an area from approximately Palm Coast Florida to towns and areas located in Southeast Georgia on free TV and over 9 to 10 channels.

​Donations will be used to fund the expenses, for not only, this web site, but all efforts we are involved with.

At present our expenses for Internet Live Programming and our TV / Radio efforts are many hundreds of dollars per month.

Your gift will be used to help us cover those costs as we move forward with our "We The People 1787" efforts. We expect that once we have moved into our own video studio's our expenses will increase several times over what they are at present.

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Our plan is very simple and direct.

We plan to.....

have a information and learning (multi-media) broadcasting channel for TV / Radio / Internet radio and live and recorded video broadcasts to bring events and news to you that is not being broadcast or shared by main stream media, or even on internet, alternative media, but is important for enlightened families to understand and be knowledgeable of. We intend to bring this to all Americans in a moral and Christian environment.

Video and Information Site For Disclosure To Americans

Our plan includes a Nation Wide broadcast for the TV and Radio and most of the global audience on the internet ........

Our hope is that we will be able to be a staple program for homes in all parts of the USA and families will find our programming so informative and interesting that we will become a necessity for informative learning and information from our country's true history to factual interviews of people who know the truth from all over the world! 

We are a team of patriots who are planning to do a new TV / Radio / Internet, broadcast each day. We are still in the development of  the content of these programs and plan to be in full production by June 1st 2017.(In our Own Studios)