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What is the JHR 192?

Who is Anna Von Reitz?

What is known as the “Global Collateral Assets or Accounts?

What might those global accounts be worth?

How did the Global Collateral Accounts come to be so valuable?

​Who is known as Mr. Sino

What were the “Farmers Claims”? Are those claims from a legal battle?

Who won?  What is the amount of those claims and are they paid?

Who is M1?                      

Who are the “White Hats” that are helping the Republic to become ours, supposed to be?

Who are the “White Knights” supposed to be?

What is NESARA Law supposed to be about?

Who was Harvey Bernard? Did you know he wrote the original idea of what the NESARA Law would be about.  He called it “draining of the swamp” This was in the late 1950’s  and was in relation to his original thoughts on what we are saying that finally became the NESARA law in the 1996?

I Did you knowIt has been said that NESARA was passed by President Clinton as he signed it into law in 1996, but did not attempt to enact the law by implementing it.

The UN Agenda 21 or 2030, which ever, has been, and is, a long term, plan for all countries to be controlled, by the UN, to eliminate 90% percentage of the planets population?  True or False. 

Is it true that this UN plan included a plan to rescind rights for citizens to be able to own private property?  How does that make you feel?

Can you pay your debts with a debt instrument? 

Can you pay debts with a US Dollar? If it's only a promise to pay, ie a promissory note, how could it be money at the same time?

How many presidents have been killed while in office?  Was it (4)?

What might they have all had in common that caused them to be assassinated?

What were their names? Could those presidents have been Abraham Lincoln, McKinley, James A. Garfield, John F. Kennedy?

Who owns the Federal Reserve? Is it a foreign corporation or ownership of huge banking dynasty, family?

Do banks make loans? Could the answer be (NO)?

If you own a home or property and it is paid off with no mortgage, do you then, own your own property?  If not, who owns your property? Could it be the (BIS), Bank of International Settlements? Why might that be?

What is Senate Document 43?  You should know that as a United States Citizen, you do not LEGALLY own anything. In other words, you do not legally own your body, name, land, home, cars, clothes, kids and money. If you do not live in the United States, be aware that nearly every government throughout the world does not allow you to legally own anything either.

Do you understand that as a US CITIZEN you are considered nothing more than an indentured slave? Hence the meaning of Citizen.

If the US Government is a corporation then what position is it that is held by the President?

What part does the congress play? Hint~(Board of directors).

Property taxes may be nothing more than extortion, would you agree.

 How many times since the "War of Independence" has there been a bankruptcy of our government?  Could it have been (5) maybe (6) times?

What do those bankruptcies say about how well these corporate entity's  could manage the money they have taken in?

Are you aware that we are allowed to know just a part of the total expenditures of the government and only part of the actual money made and or received by the government of a yearly basis?

Why is it (in truth) that our government always kicks the can down the road, thereby raising the debt ceiling?  Why was a debt ceiling ever instituted as necessary in the first place?

Why is it that the government can stop you from managing resources on your own land, even if you are not producing any type of product from those resources? 

More to come……

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