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The Top Ten Articles for Rapid Assistance
By Anna Von Reitz
Today, I went to my own website and have extracted a Top Ten List for
people frantic for practical information they need to know to protect
themselves and their assets and to grasp what is going on in the world at
large. I do this with some trepidation because people need to study the
issues and keep up with the conversation, not just "grab and go".
However, I do understand the almost-panic response of many who wake up and
realize that they are under attack, so I went through and identified the exact articles
from my website that you need to read and also a couple of articles that are crucial
to understand how things actually stand in the world.
Article 560 -- "How to Correct Your Political Status and Why" -- This one gives you
the Big Picture overview and the three fundamental actions you need to take to
overcome the legal presumptions attached to both Municipal and Territorial
Article 573 -- "Re-Flagging Your Vessels" (and, if you still have questions about this
one, Article 584). This explains that your Name/NAME has been misconstrued as
the names of "US Vessels" engaged in international commerce and held subject to
Maritime and Admiralty law, when in fact, you are operating as peaceful American
state vessels engaged in private international trade. Just as ships at sea have to
carry the proper flag to be properly recognized, so do you--- and that flag is the
Peacetime or "Civil" flag of the United States. Read all about it.
Article 607 -- "Dear Lucretia -- Mortgage Relief -- and the Rest of the Story" -- This
is the heavy-hitter where the details of the correction outlined in Article 560 are fully
Article 620 -- "Pay Attention! If You Want to Save Your Butts!" This covers how to
correct your land titles and deeds and indemnify them under specially constructed
Private Registered Indemnity Bonds for each one of the actual states. This process
takes your land assets out of the "collateral pile" and puts them back under the
protection of the sovereign states.
Article 626 - "Improved Act of Expatriation" --- This example shows how you can
expatriate from the presumption of Territorial "citizenship" and declare your
permanent domicile and domicile for all the "Vessels" operated under your name to
the land and soil of your natural state. One slight correction -- it should say
"Amendment X" or "Article Amendment X" not just "Article X"---- no big deal if you
have already done the recording as it is not crucial, but nice to do if you haven't yet
recorded the document.
Article 630 -- "Title, Lien and Bond" -- This again gives the Big Picture from a
slightly different viewpoint, showing you how to secure and indemnify your identity
and property with a powerful claim that cannot be overcome by the thieves.
Article 631 -- "Step One Complete. Now What? Dear Ernie..." This is an overview
to help people who have gotten part of the way through the process and need extra
"oomph!" to get through the rest of it.
These articles cover just about everything that anyone could ever need to know
concerning the basics of extracting your Name/NAMES and recouping your birthright
identity and reclaiming your assets and presenting yourselves properly. They also
give you the addresses you need and the bond numbers you need to protect
Article 627 --- "Retired Means Retired!" is recommended for all the retirees out
there who are worried about the loss of Social Security pay and medical care. It
explains the actual obligation of the federal corporations.
In addition to these practical action articles that provide step-by-step explanations
and directions, there are a couple other articles I wish everyone would read as a
background so that people have a broader understanding of what is going on in the
world and in our usurped courts.
Article 581 -- "What Every American Needs to Know About Sir Lancelot" -- This
article explains in some detail what happened in Dark Ages Britain and France and
how that precipitated the Norman Conquest, and how that, in turn, led to my
husband's forefathers becoming sovereigns in their own right in England. This is a
prelude to understanding how they later became sovereigns in their own right in
America --- an international status you share with them today, which is unique in all
the world -- and how James Belcher serves today as the lawful Head of State for the
United States of America.
Article 588 --- "Common Law, COMMON LAW, English Common Law, American
Common Law" This very important article explains the many different kinds of
"common law" that exist and lays bare the deliberate confusion that some
organizations like the "National Liberty Alliance" are promoting. Always remember
that Americans are owed American Common Law and no other kind of "common law"
will suffice.
Now, I've written it all once and Paul Stramer has faithfully published it all and made
it available as a database, and now, beyond that, we have gone the extra mile and
organized and annotated the essentials for you.
Unless you have read all the articles listed and still not found the answers to your
question---- please do not contact me for further individual help. There are 350
million people in America, most of whom need to do this process. I can't possibly
help each one and I have many, many other tasks to do: directing and supporting
The Living Law Firm, organizing The American States and Nations Bank, raising hell
in international jurisdiction to get this mess straightened out, bringing necessary
complaints and court actions, and on and on and on.....
It's important that I not be deluged with correspondence and not be inundated with
calls, even though my email and postal address and telephone number are published
and freely available. Why? Because I don't have a battery of receptionists ready to
take calls, and I don't have an army of public relations specialists, paralegals, and
"agency representatives" to answer questions for me; because it depresses me when
I can't answer every single one of your calls and your letters; because I have to keep
my nose to the grindstone working on huge projects that will benefit everyone, not
just one; because I am only one getting-on old lady.
I can't even take the time to write "thank you" notes for donations and that really
bugs me.


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