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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Use Your Heads -- Then Lift Them

By Anna Von Reitz

Here is the ancient Maxim of Law that deals with the present situation: "As a Thing is Bound, so it is Unbound."


Everyone in this country was improperly presumed upon as a result of Franklin Delano Roosevelt making his "New Deal Speech" which was accepted by the guilty parties as a Declaration.  As a result of it, and a declaration made by the Territorial State of State Governors at their Conference March 6, 1933, all the Federal Citizens including those residing in the federated Territorial State of States became chattel backing the 1933 bankruptcy and all were considered to be franchises engaged in international commerce.


Of course, the vermin never had any such power or ability to speak for us or to actually indebt us in this fashion.  They simply presumed upon us and mischaracterized us and set about falsifying the public records.


If Donald J. Trump wants to correct this situation, he can make a similar declaration removing all Territorial and Municipal United States Citizens and the citizenry of the Territorial States of States back to the land jurisdiction of the actual United States--including his own principal franchises: DONALD TRUMP, DONALD J. TRUMP, and DONALD JOHN TRUMP.


That would allow them all to come home and put an end to the stranglehold they have put around their own necks. 


The Territorial United States has been delivered from bankruptcy and just as they proposed to "remove" all of us to Puerto Rico for several decades, they can remove all of their own franchises back home to the international land jurisdiction of the United States --- simply reversing what FDR did and also then reversing the legal presumptions involved.


President Trump can then also come safely home to the land and soil of New York and simply exercise the already well-established provisions for Dual Citizenship --- only now a Dual Citizen of the land jurisdiction instead of a Dual Citizen of the Municipality--- as it was prior to 1946.  And he can serve as the actual President of The United States of America without any obligation to the Queen or threat accusing him of "treason" against the Territorial United States, which in fact belongs to us: lock, stock, copyrights, patents, corporate charters and all. 


There are addle-pated rumors flying that Treaties with the UN require us to merge with Canada and Mexico in a single "regional government" and to open our established borders and give up our national sovereignty and all sorts of other nonsense.


Let's get this one straight, too. 


We have agents at the United Nations via our Native American partners serving as contacts, but we have no treaties with the United Nations obligating us to anything whatsoever. 


All treaties entered into "in our behalf" by the usurping Territorial United State Government are null and void for Breach of Trust and Fraud and we have certainly never granted any delegated power affecting our national sovereignty, our borders, nor our immigration policy.


So, put a Big Red "X" over the North American Union and the Unidroit Treaty of Rome which Commander Gould sacked in 2003 and numerous other "treaties" which the Territorial United States signed without any delegated authority to do so.


And now that we are back to the issue of delegated authority --- at the moment, they have none.  They vacated their constitutional agreements and any assumed commercial contracts by entering into bankruptcy.  As we have demonstrated, all three levels of the "Federal Government" --- national, territorial, and municipal -- were vacated by their incompetence and criminal Breach of Trust. 


As we also demonstrated, all three levels of the "Federal Government" either belong to us directly or existed only to fulfill treaty agreements and commercial contracts owed to us.  Their self-voiding of their commercial contracts via bankruptcy also voids their charters.


The national level of our government was illegally and immorally moth-balled via usurpation, fraud, and Breach of Trust in 1868.  The municipal level was bankrupted in 2015.  The territorial level was bankrupted in 2017.  


ALL powers ever delegated under any constitutional agreement with any of the former Principals and their Successors thus ended in 2017 and reverted to the Issuer --- The United States of America (Unincorporated), its member States, and the People of this country.  


We have maintained a constitutional form of government for now by establishing new agreements with other "federal partners"--- the American Indian Nations, but our agreements with them do not imply a continuance of delegation of power under the old system and do not provide grounds for any would-be service providers or international trustees to presume upon us or assume a service contract without our explicit agreement.


The days of the tail wagging the dog are over, and those responsible have only themselves to blame --- because it is their own incompetence, greed, breach of trust, and lack of good faith service that has led to this.


We are, throughout, the aggrieved and defrauded parties, who have been abused by our own employees. 


We are owed the full, free, and complete return of all assets and property naturally belonging to us, absent all debts and encumbrances. This includes all land patents and titles belonging to our States and People.  We are owed the return of our gold which was confiscated illegally during the 1930's and the return of our silver which was extorted under color of law via the Emergency Banking Act of 1934. We are owed the return of all our intellectual property and all assets and benefits attached to those intellectual assets, plus the absolute and permanent release of all indecent claims upon our bodies and our DNA.


We have claimed and placed agricultural liens upon all our assets and all the assets of our States and all the property assets and interests of the Foreign Grantor Trusts and tax shelters and stocks and bonds and labor contracts and performance contracts and insurances and other beneficial material interests held in our NAMES.


We found our "missing, presumed lost at sea" Trade Names and re-conveyed them to the land and soil of our nativity and we stand on our land and soil now, no longer deceived and no longer acquiescing to any continuance of this criminal imposition upon us and our country and our natural sovereignty.


In other words, the "service providers" have finally been "served".  


They all need to bow their heads in shame, turn over the accounts for audit, and do what they can to make sure that no more property is damaged and no more innocent people are hurt.



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Use Your Heads Then Lift Them